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IDpunch 7

The IDpunch 7 is a simple, low cost time clock for collecting employee In and Out punches transfers and other supervisor and employee functions. The finger reader option provides companies with a low cost biometric solution for collecting employee transactions. Biometric time clocks virtually eliminate buddy punching, where one employee punches for another.

Employee options include entering a PIN number, swiping a badge, waving a proximity badge in front of the time clock, or placing their finger on the clock to record their punch.

The IDpunch 7 is an excellent choice for a low cost biometric clock and includes:

  • Integration with either Attendance Enterprise or Attendance on Demand
  • Voice prompts
  • Adjustable volume and screen brightness
  • 250 employees and 5000 transaction limit
  • Inexpensive, standard proximity badges
  • PIN entry
  • Badge entry
  • Biometric finger reader supporting verify and identify modes
  • Easy installation

Download the IDpunch 7 data sheet.

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