Attendance Enterprise Sunsetting Information

Our developer partner, InfoTronics, is sunsetting our Attendance Enterprise software. InfoTronics will no longer provide software updates or fixes for AE, limiting our ability to support clients who continue using the software.

Important Dates

April 1st, 2022: Phase Out

As part of the software retirement process, new and existing customers will no longer be able to purchase or license Attendance Enterprise software beginning on April 1st, 2022.

This phase out will remove your ability to implement:

  • A new AE system
  • Any module changes
  • Additional users or employee licenses

With the exception of the above changes, your AE system will continue to operate as usual after the April phase out.

December 1st, 2022: Software Sunset

InfoTronics will cease updates and fixes for your Attendance Enterprise software on December 1st, 2022.You will continue to have access to your system and Advanced Time’s support for the software after this date, but our support capabilities will be limited by system functionality.

This sunset could have a significant impact on your system.

One of the major concerns of using unsupported solutions is that any changes to the environment in which you run the software can cause significant and immediate issues.

While InfoTronics will no longer be updating AE, your operating system will continue receiving updates. Eventually, it’s possible that the outdated software will no longer be compatible with your system. Any changes to your server, IIS, SQL, or operating system could eventually make the software inoperable.

Please contact our team prior to December 1st to develop a migration plan and avoid any complications with your time management system.

Sunsetting Makes Way for New and Improved Offerings

Advanced Time and our partners are dedicated to providing first-rate tools and support for our clients’ time management needs.

Toward this end InfoTronics is retiring AE in favor of concentrating their innovation efforts and enhancements on their newer products. We are encouraging current AE clients to switch to our enhanced offering; Attendance on Demand.

Migrate Your AE Account to Attendance on Demand

Receive the full services & support of Advanced Time

Enjoy a familiar look & feel with enhanced functionalities

Avoid lapses or compliance errors from using outdated software

Transfer your history & existing time clocks from AE

Access Attendance on Demand’s web-based service from anywhere

Use fewer network resources

We’re Here to Help

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Frequently-Asked Questions

Why is InfoTronics retiring Attendance Enterprise?

AE is an outdated product which lacks the capacity to keep up with current subscription models and possesses limitations for some client environments.

When is InfoTronics retiring Attendance Enterprise?

InfoTronics will fully retire AE on December 1st, 2022.

What does “retiring” or “sunsetting '' mean for my Attendance Enterprise?

InfoTronics will not further develop or support AE, meaning there will be no new bug fixes or adjustments for the software. Additionally, Advanced Time’s ability to support current users still on the old software will be limited.

Will I still be able to use Attendance Enterprise?

Some clients may be able to subsist on the old software. However, if Windows releases an update to their server, IIS, SQL, or operating system, AE may become inoperable.

Can I still purchase new licenses for current Attendance Enterprise software?

Yes. Licensing can be purchased until April 1st, 2022.

WHY should I migrate to Attendance on Demand?
  1. Advanced Time will be able to offer you our full support.
  2. You won’t experience any lapse or complications with your system change.
  3. You can bring your history and existing time clocks with you.
  4. You can access AoD’s web-based service from anywhere .
  5. AoD requires fewer network resources.
  6. AoD requires minimal training due to it’s similar look and feel.
  7. Your employees’ experience with the system will remain the same.
WHEN should I migrate to Attendance on Demand?

We recommend migrating as soon as possible to avoid issues related to licensing changes and needs.