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Leadership training to grow your confidence & rapidly get you on the track to success.

The Problem: Inadequate  Leadership Training

A Gallup report had 57% of surveyed managers claiming they didn’t learn their leadership skills through any sort of formal training. This lack of training impacts both new managers and their teams.

CEB Global research showed 60% of new managers fail within their first two years. Their teams are shown to perform worse than comparable teams, and are more likely to quit.

The Solution: Invest in Effective Training

One of the top reasons employees leave their jobs is their manager. There is no more important investment that you or your company can make than leadership development.

These front-line leaders impact every metric that matters: revenue, customer satisfaction, quality, employee engagement and retention, just to name a few. Yet, they’re often left to figure things out on their own.

Intentional training Better leaders → Improved results

The Four Pillars of Successful Leadership

Where Other Programs Fail

Many leadership programs start out focusing on exterior factors and skills, like team management or managing conflict between team members. Find Your Lead is different.

Our programming starts with a focus on the one thing leaders can control: themselves, starting with the Four Pillars of Successful Leadership. Self-reflection, delegation, creating clarity internally first, and other skills create a solid foundation for new or struggling leaders to build greater success upon.

Meet Your Coach, Dan!

Dan Corp is the President & CEO of Advanced Time, a workforce management consulting company. Dan has served as president for over 13 years and worked as a customer advocate and team manager for 9 years.

His experience formed him into an expert on positive work culture, employee engagement, healthy leadership tactics and more. At the core of everything he does is his greatest love and passion: helping people grow.

Education Opportunities

From in-person trainings to our free online resources, here’s how to start finding your lead today.

1. Book a Team Training

Get your team together for a virtual or in-person group training session! In this 4-hour workshop, Dan will introduce attendees to the four pillars of leadership success: embracing your role, managing yourself, leading your team, and mastering communication.

The training includes collaborative exercises and plenty of time for questions. Attendees will come away with an action plan to start implementing their learnings immediately.

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