A Fast, Automated Leave-Management Solution

Absences, whether planned or unplanned, can severely impact your organization. Our solutions with Attendance on Demand™ let you improve supervisor-employee relationships through clear and consistent application of absence policy.

Take Control of Hidden Costs with Absence Management

Reduce Payroll Costs

The numbers don’t lie.

Surveys estimate that up to 35% of an organization’s base payroll is linked to employee absences.

U.S. Department of Labor studies show that absences cost businesses as much as $100 billion annually in the U.S.

Unplanned absences can result in a 19% productivity loss each day.

Are you replacing absent employees with employees that will accrue overtime?

Our leave management solutions provide you with real-time hours, rates, and employee attributes, making it simple to choose the right replacement employee without stacking up unanticipated overtime costs.

Increase Productivity

Absences can negatively impact productivity if not handled properly.

Inexperienced or under qualified replacements, working short-staffed, and managers having to fill in for last minute call-offs all impact productivity. According to a survey looking at the total financial impact of employee absence, unplanned absences can result in a 19% loss in productivity each day.

Our systems can identify qualified employees that are able to work and even message those employees to pick up a currently open shift.

Absence & Compliance

Failing to properly manage the absence replacement process can put your organization at risk of violating federal and local laws, union agreements, and coverage requirements.

The Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor determined that 53% of complaints filed by employees regarding Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) were valid.

Let us help you automate the absence management process and create consistent and accurate enforcement of your policies.

Easy Time Off Requests and Approvals


Our solutions can automate a lot of the common tasks related with leave management, including:

  • Time-off requests
  • Time-off approvals
  • Auto scheduling

Tools for Employees

Employees can request time off on a company computer, at home, or on their phones. They can also see how much benefit time they have left, eliminating the need to ask managers.

Read More about Employee Engagement

Tools for Managers

Managers see the requests in their preferred order such as by requested date and seniority. Then they can approve or deny the request and fill the absent position.

Automated Benefit Accruals

With the robust Attendance on Demand™ accruals engine, we can program your benefit accrual rules for nearly every scenario, effectively eliminating spreadsheets and hours of maintenance forever. Whether your accrual rules are simple or extremely complex, Advanced Time can handle the process.

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