Data Collection Devices for Workforce Management

Our workforce management solutions are driven by the heartbeat of data collection. At the most fundamental level, data collection means punching in and punching out. Advanced Time will work with you to choose and configure the best devices for your business or organization.

Better Data Collection with Advanced Time

Ways to Punch

With Advanced Time, you have the ability to punch in with a time clock, mobile app or online timesheet. Each option offers its own unique benefits.

Time Clock

Time clocks are an easy way to collect accurate data for employees. Punch using PIN, badge, or biometric and a time-stamped punch transaction is collected, giving you precise worked times for your employees.

Mobile App

Using a mobile application, employees can punch, transfer, or enter hours on a daily worksheet. With ESS Mobile, GPS mapping is also available to record the location of punches and transfers on an interactive map.

Online Timesheet

A popular option for professional employees is timesheets. Employees can punch or enter time worked as either total hours or punch times. An option to allocate those hours to specific departments is also available.


Secure Facial Recognition

More than a time clock, the iT100 is opening up possibilities handling your ever-changing workforce needs. Incorporating facial recognition with retina identification, mask or no mask, no problem. Utilizing the Time Terminal interface and a 7″ multi-touch display makes this robust time clock easy to use.  PLUS features like:

  • Touchless Facial Recognition Punching
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Survey Questions and Attestation
  • & More


More Than a Time Clock

The GT8 is opening possibilities and can handle your ever-changing workforce needs. With the widest range of options to fit your business’s punching style and an 8-inch color touch screen display that offers an increasing toolset as a true employee kiosk.
Plus features like:

  • Touchless Facial Recognition Punching
  • Daily Employee Shift Attestation
  • Door Unlock and Bell Relays
  • Real-Time Transactions (No More Polling!)
  • & More

Time Terminal

Convenient, Reliable, Easy

Time Terminal uses a simple interface for punching, transferring, and reviewing employee information. PLUS exciting features like:

  • No Touch Punch™
  • Facial Recognition
  • Survey Questions
  • & More


Robust and Versatile

The IT3200 is the go-to time clock for many industries.  With its versatile reader types, it can easily fit your needs and use existing badges from a previous attendance product or your access control system.

  • Workgroup Transfer
  • Door Unlock or Bell Relay
  • Wide Range of Readers

Experience Time Clocks Made Simple