The Same Wavelength

Engaged employees that bring their best to the workplace everyday benefit everyone. Advanced Time offers tools to help your employees feel connected and involved in their daily activities. Managers and employees tuned into the same wavelength strengthen your workplace culture and increase productivity.

Increase Employee Engagement with Advanced Time

Employee Self-Service

​Employee Self Service (ESS) is the employee-facing portion of our solution with Attendance on Demand™, accessible to workers through desktop or mobile apps.

Employees in your organization have varying needs, and ESS is configurable to meet them. With ESS, there’s flexibility to allow employee to:

Enter punches through a desktop or mobile app

Allocate their worked time

View current and past schedules

Review or approve current or historical time cards

Request time off & see remaining time-off or PTO banks

Privately message managers

Time Card Management

​Make updates to time cards and fill in missing punches with ease. Get notifications of missing information early, so you can fix the problem right away.

Empower Employees

​The Attendance OnDemand app empowers your employees with easy access to their schedule, time cards and more.  Employees can request time off and accept shifts from the convenience of a phone, and managers can approve immediately. 

Employee Engagement News & Insights

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How Financial Literacy, Employee Health & On-demand Wages Collide

How Financial Literacy, Employee Health & On-demand Wages Collide

At first glance, the connection between on-demand wages, employee health and actively-engaged team members might seem unclear. But the impact of finances on employee stress levels—and on-demand pay’s ability to mitigate that stress—makes expedited paydays an...

Successfully Leading Your Team Through the Holidays

Successfully Leading Your Team Through the Holidays

With the end of the year looming ever-closer in the not-so-far future, many organizations are rushing to complete last-minute projects before the year comes to a close. With several holidays interspersed throughout the last month of the year, most employees are...

Introducing Change

Introducing Change

The world seems like it’s moving faster than ever, and history is littered with the bones of companies that refused to change to fit the times. Businesses that continue to thrive must stay on their toes, remaining agile and adaptable to their customers’ needs. But...

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