Cloud-Based Payroll Solutions

Simplify your payroll with a dependable, accurate system that ensures your team members are paid correctly every pay period. Advanced Time partners with you for all of your people management needs. Switch to a cloud-based payroll solution that truly offers a single point-of-record.

More than software, experience true people management partnership. With speedy, comprehensive responses, you won’t have to tackle your payroll alone.

Single Point-of-Record

A single, secure place for all of your mission critical data.  Streamline your processes and ensure accuracy with a single point-of-record. You don’t have room for errors or wasted time. Our payroll partnership truly offers a single point of record for your employee data.

Dependable & Accurate

Your team expects the right amount on their paycheck every single time. You’re aiming for  perfection, and we’re here to help. With accurate data and dependable tracking, you can ensure your payroll is correct every pay period. 

Accurate data mitigates risk and ensures your company is in compliance with state and federal regulations.

High Service Partnership

With Payroll through Advanced Time, you’ll receive timely responses with clear, accurate information. More than a software provider, Advanced Time is your people management partner. Advanced Time only partners with companies that share our values of relationships and customer service. We understand that you need an expert who takes the time to understand your business.

Cloud Access Anywhere

More than ever, you need to access your payroll information from anywhere. Simple, secure cloud access enables you to access your critical information from anywhere with internet access.

Experience Payroll Made Simple