Effective Employee Management for Grocery & Retail

Provide your employees with flexible, effective workforce management solutions that work for you and them. We’ve spent over 30 years honing our offerings to the needs of your business and your teams.


Robust Punching Options

From Mom-and-Pop grocery stores to expansive grocery giants, we know that time clocks aren’t one-size-fits-all. We offer a variety of time clock solutions allowing for lunches, short breaks, and tracking jobs with different wages.

Time Clocks

Time clocks are an easy way to collect accurate data for employees at registers or in your break room. Punch using PIN, badge, or biometric data for precise worked times for your employees.

Mobile App

Using a mobile application, employees can punch, transfer, or enter hours on a daily worksheet. With ESS Mobile, GPS mapping is also available to record the location of punches and transfers on an interactive map.

Online Timesheet

Employees can punch or enter time worked as either total hours or punch times. An option to allocate those hours to specific departments is also available.

Same-day Employee Pay

Relying on part-time employees in an industry with historically high turnover rates requires a competitive edge. Offering unique, helpful benefits to employees can provide your company with an advantage over competitors to boost retention.

Pay on Demand™, a wage advance benefit, allows employers to give employees access to a percentage of their daily earnings at the end of their shift. Offer instant pay with no additional costs, fees or payroll process changes. No employee fees, no employer fees, and no additional work for your payroll department.

Competitive Recruiting & Employee Retention

On-demand wages are simpler and more accessible to employers and employees than ever, boosting current employee engagement and strengthening recruitment strategies.

Download our myth-debunking guide to learn about the pros and cons of an on-demand pay benefit:

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Why Advanced Time is Good for Your Business

Simple Employee Data Entry

Grocery stores tend to bring in a high number of new employees regularly. Our system ensures current and historical employee records are easily accessible across several data systems where necessary, available through a single data entry point.

Streamline Management Tasks

Employees often transfer between departments, and our software makes that process easy. It tracks transfers and pay rates in real time as the employee transfers at the clock, or can be changed on the administrative side. In any case, it reduced administrative burden.

Better Cost Control

Make educated workforce decisions that affect your bottom line with our real-time labor dashboard, like easily filling open schedule positions. Our solutions help you identify your true “cost of business,” allowing you to take back control of workforce expenses.

Experience Simpler Workforce Management