Simplified Employee & Compliance Management

Advanced Time provides a range of helpful tools to assist care facilities with easy-to-use, flexible and time-tested solutions to manage your workforce.

Improved Experience for Healthcare Professionals

Better Patient Experience

Attendance on Demand™ allows your team to keep their focus where it belongs: on your patients. We let you easily manage the gaps in work schedules with a platform that is visually intuitive and simple to navigate, allowing you and your team to spend less time worrying about scheduling and more time providing your patients with the best possible care.

Improve Staff Communication

Facilitate quick and easy communication within your organization with a workforce management software that provides versatile mobile access, and customizable notifications and alerts. Also, help employees stay aware of expiration dates for their professional certifications and licenses.

Reduce Administrative Stress

Easily automate calculations for overtime, holiday pay, shift premiums, call-backs, and transfer hours while still accessing valuable insights and reports. Compare direct care hours to your organization’s budget and view reports.

Simplify Compliance

Compliance is important in all industries, but especially in healthcare and long term care. Attendance on Demand™ can help your organization minimize disruption and simplify regulation compliance.

Stay Compliant

Easily export your staffing data from one system and submit directly to the CMS database whenever you need it.

Increase Accuracy

Achieve greater accuracy in employees’ hourly reporting with automated calendar day (midnight-to-midnight) tracking without affecting time cards or company reporting.

Simplify Reporting

Categorize your staff by their proper job code and our software will automatically track your staffing levels.

Why Healthcare Professionals Choose Advanced Time

Operational Efficiency

Schedule workforce based on your organizational and patient demands. Efficiently schedule employees with the required skills to avoid under-staffing and maintain a high quality of care. Reduce impact on already limited and overstretched IT resources.

Visual Scheduling

Engaged Employees

A Gallup* report showed that engaged teams are 21% more profitable. Empowering managers and employees with time management tools is another way to feel connected with their daily activities.

Employee Engagement Tools

Absence Management

Immediately address unplanned absences to stay on time and on budget. Identify attendance trends and enforce attendance policies consistently and impartially.

Absence Management

Accurate Pay

Automate shift and job-based premiums for accurate pay and reduced administrative burden. Enjoy simple integration of multiple pay rates.

Time & Attendance with Multiple Pay Rates

Better Cost Control

Gain insight into where labor dollars are going for greater cost control, and identify unplanned and unauthorized overtime costs to refine margins.

Regulations & Safety

Increase transparency into labor data for informed decision making. Gain insight into employee workloads, which can impact safety and quality.

Pay on Demand™ for Healthcare

Exempting 2020, which had exceptionally high turnover, the healthcare industry averages about a 30% employee turnover rate per year. And according to Gallup, “The cost of replacing an individual employee can range from one-half to two times the employee’s annual salary,” which greatly adds up year over year.

You need benefits that will differentiate you. Pay on Demand, a wage advance benefit, allows employers to give employees access to a percentage of their daily earnings at the end of their shift. Offer instant pay with no additional costs, fees or payroll process changes.

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Advanced Time is very responsive. They have a great customer service team from the moment you call with a concern. The receptionist is fantastic, and the response time is almost always within 2 hours or less. I would recommend Advanced Time for their professionalism and customer service oriented nature.”

Amber Smith, Finance Director

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