Effective Employee & Compliance Management

Despite their nonprofit status, charitable organizations are still required to comply with the same labor laws as their for-profit counterparts. Advanced Time offers an all-in-one solution for employee management, labor law compliance and more for nonprofits.

Manage Your Budgets

We know that every penny counts, especially for nonprofit organizations. Let us help you meet your goals by easily tracking and assuring adherence to your organization’s budgets.

With system automations, you can spend less time tracking where your dollars are going and spend more time devoted to your mission.

Simplify Compliance

Nonprofits have unique workforce management needs compared to other industries. Use Attendance on Demand™ to help your organization minimize disruption and simplify regulatory compliance.

Easily Manage Staff

While you may work with a myriad of volunteers, all paid staff members fall under Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) jurisdiction. We help you easily track staff hours worked and scheduling in one intuitive platform.

Increase Accuracy

Achieve greater accuracy in employees’ hourly reporting with flexible time tracking, available to your staff members from anywhere.

Simplify Overtime

Despite misconceptions, even salaried employees may be eligible for overtime pay. Our solutions show you which employees are nearing overtime, allowing you to more easily manage unexpected overtime costs.

Why Nonprofits Choose Advanced Time

Engaged Employees

Engaged employees tend to be happier and more profitable*. We can help connect you and your teams with modern, easy-to-use tools for reviewing schedules, requesting time off and trading shifts.

Employee Engagement Tools

Avoid Coverage Gaps

Immediately address unplanned absences to stay on time and on budget. Identify attendance trends and enforce attendance policies consistently and impartially.

Absence Management

Better Cost Control

Gain insight into where labor dollars are going for greater cost control and identify unplanned and unauthorized overtime costs to refine margins.

Track Certifications

For relevant industries you can track employee certifications and licenses and their expirations. Allowing you to schedule the correct employee for the appropriate jobs and alert you when a lapse is coming.

Pay on Demand™ for Nonprofits

Limitations on “excessive” wages are one of the many requirements for nonprofits to maintain their tax-exempt status. With as many as 12 million Americans relying on payday loans each year, employers need ways to provide financial relief without excessive organizational spending.

Choose benefits that will make your organization stand out. Pay on Demand, a wage advance benefit, allows employers to give employees access to a percentage of their daily earnings at the end of their shift. Offer instant pay with no additional costs, fees or payroll process changes.

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Advanced Time is very responsive. They have a great customer service team from the moment you call with a concern. The receptionist is fantastic, and the response time is almost always within 2 hours or less. I would recommend Advanced Time for their professionalism and customer service oriented nature.”

Amber Smith, Finance Director of Western School District

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