Managing your workforce, made simple.

Managing a workforce is a multi-faceted, involved process for organizations of any size. With over 30 years of developing business solutions, Advanced Time is your partner in navigating this complex world of business.

Simplifying Management with Advanced Time

Time & Attendance

With no additional software or I.T. infrastructure investment, we’ll configure your cloud-based time and attendance solution to meet your business’ current and future needs.

Track Time & Attendance


For teams of any size or level of complexity, our cloud-based employee scheduling solutions are flexible enough to adequately manage your business’ growing needs.

Explore Scheduling Capabilities


The Department of Labor estimates that 80 percent of businesses are out of compliance with their pay practices. Increase your compliance confidence with our custom solutions.

Compliance Examples & Details

Absence Management

Absences, whether planned or unplanned, can severely impact your organization. We will help you take control of the hidden costs associated with absences.

Take Control with Absence Management

Employee Engagement

Disengaged employees can lead to higher turnover and employee dissatisfaction. Find solutions to help your employees feel connected and involved in their daily work activities.

Start Engaging Employees

Time Clocks

We’ll work with you to choose and configure the best time-tracking solutions for your business or organization, whether that’s a time clock, mobile app or biometric reader.

Time Clocks

Access Support. Anytime, Anywhere.

What sets us apart is our dedication to service. Beyond our extensive FAQ training videos for quick questions, we offer live system training with our Customer Success Advisors, as well as live support via phone whenever you need it, wherever you are.

Experience Workforce Management Made Simple