Automating Employee Management

Save your administrative team time and simplify compliance with a time & attendance system that meets your complex time tracking needs. With over 30 years of experience, we’ll find the right Attendance on Demand™ setup for you and your employees.

Leave Manual Tracking Behind

Easily Access Employee Time Cards

Whether past or current, you’ll have all the employee information you need, digitized and at your fingertips.

Increase Accuracy of Payroll

Easily automate calculations for overtime, holiday pay, and other wage changes while accessing valuable insights and reports.

Simplify Benefit Tracking

Automate premiums and benefits for different jobs for more accurate pay and reduced administrative burden.

Improve Labor Compliance

Your Attendance on Demand system will guide you away from non-compliance and call attention to concern areas.

Flexible for Any Application

From libraries to police stations and everything in between, our robust rules engine can accommodate your organization’s time & attendance needs, however simple or complex. Access the information that’s most important to you with our intuitive, secure cloud-based platform.

Manage Budgets & Allocations

If you deal with grant money, allocated funds, or other monetary complexities, we’ll help you streamline it. Manage your budgets and track fund allocations easily with up-to-date current and future labor costs.

Robust Punching Options

We know that time clocks aren’t one-size-fits-all. Depending on the level of security you desire, we offer a variety of on-site and geolocation-enabled time clock solutions.

Time Clock

Mobile App

Online Timesheet

Improved Experience for Government Agencies

Easily Manage Staff

Our solution’s intuitive design and gentle learning curve make it fast and easy for users to manage scheduling. Easily track hours worked and scheduling in one intuitive platform, wherever your workers are.

Streamline Management Tasks

Managing time cards and checking for accuracy has never been easier. Use our intuitive, paperless, all-in-one solution to reduce administrative workload.

Improve Cost Control

Take the guesswork out of workforce planning decisions with our real-time labor dashboard. Our solutions show which employees are nearing overtime for easier labor cost management.

Experience Simpler Workforce Management