For On-the-go Professionals

Your work isn’t restricted to an office, and you need a workforce management solution that’s flexible enough to meet your team’s needs. We’ve honed our offerings over the last 30 years to provide reliable, effective solutions that meet your needs.

Robust Punching Options

We know that time clocks aren’t one-size-fits-all. We offer many ways to punch in and out with the ability to mix-and-match time tracking solutions based on your needs.

Time Clocks

Time clocks are an easy way to collect accurate data for employees. Punch using PIN, badge, or biometric and a time-stamped punch transaction is collected, giving you precise worked times for your employees.

GPS-enabled Mobile App

Using a mobile application, employees can punch, transfer, or enter hours on a daily worksheet. With ESS Mobile, GPS mapping is also available to record the location of punches and transfers on an interactive map.

Online Timesheet

Employees can punch or enter time worked as either total hours or punch times. An option to allocate those hours to specific clients is also available.

Why Advanced Time is Good for Your Business

Talk to Real People

No more endless circles of automated answering systems. When you call our office, you’ll talk to a real person (like Amber, above!) to address your problems swiftly, or find a team member who can.

Simplify Scheduling

Use our real-time labor dashboard to easily fill open schedule slots while keeping complications, like overtime costs or time off requests, at the front of your mind.

Easily Manage Leave

Maximize efficiency without missing a notification! We make it simpler to submit, approve, deny or modify time off requests with an intuitive, easily-accessible system.

Same-day Employee Pay

Offering a daily pay option to employees is shown to reduce absenteeism by 34% [1] and reduce turnover by 40% [2]. Pay on Demand™ allows employees the option to receive a portion of their day’s earnings as soon as they punch out, at no additional cost. No employee fees, no employer fees, and no additional work for your payroll department.

[1] “2017 Employee Wellness Survey” PricewaterhouseCoopers
[2] “The Power of the Salary Link” by Todd Baker (2018)

Competitive Recruiting & Employee Retention

On-demand wages are simpler and more accessible to employers and employees than ever, boosting current employee engagement and strengthening recruitment strategies.

Download our myth-debunking guide to learn about the pros and cons of an on-demand pay benefit:

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