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Data Collection Options for Newly Non-Exempt Employees

Advanced Time has several options available for accurately tracking time of your newly non-exempt workers. Below are a few popular options that may meet the needs of your unique workforce.

Time Clocks are an easy way to collect accurate data for these employees. Whether a PIN, Badge, or Biometric model, a time-stamped punch transaction is collected, giving you precise worked times for your employees. Our full line of data collection options can be found here.

Employee Self Service (ESS) provides the employee with a variety of online timesheet options. This is a popular option for professional employees, whether they work onsite or offsite. With ESS, the employee can punch or enter time worked. When recording time worked, employees can either enter hours or punch times. The option to allocate those hours to specific departments is also available here.

ESS Mobile allows the employee to punch, transfer, or enter hours on a daily worksheet through a mobile app. With ESS Mobile, GPS Mapping is also available to record the GPS location of punches and transfers made through the app. Click here for more information.

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